I have a diploma in Spiritual Counselling & I am a qualified Hahnemann healer & Concomitant practitioner.  I am also a mother to three beautiful & busy children, and over the last few years spent time regularly working as an IVP in the Youth Justice System.

I had many years working in the corporate sector and in small business, only to find myself deeply dissatisfied with my work and chosen career path. However, it was after the loss of a close family member that I realised my true passion and calling as a spiritual counsellor. I have always been passionate about helping people, and spiritual counselling & healing have become my tools for this, which I have found to be very powerful.

Whilst being gentle and supportive it can be direct and confronting, but always a sincere and honest approach to helping people. My aim is not for clients to stay in counselling, but to have learned, understood & moved forward in their life. It is about finding growth through an individual’s life experience, and to find inner peace.

How Can I Help

As a trained Spiritual counsellor, my method of counselling is through the analysis of behaviour and its effect on the individual. By tracing the behaviour displayed by the client to its origins, I am able to work on the healing process from this initial cause to understanding how this has affected their life. A framework of values are used in assisting clients with finding clarity, truth and peace. Ultimately moving toward finding more love, joy and purpose in life.

Often people don’t understand why they are unable to move forward or break negative patterns. This can create feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, confusion, apathy & disappointment. These are suppressed or subconscious emotions caused by past negative experiences. They have not yet grappled with understanding their feelings or the actions of others and properly expressed themselves in these difficult situations.

This method of spiritual counselling is non-sectarian (non-religious), and is for everyone; children, adolescents, young people, adults, couples, families.

It can be highly effective with the following emotional concerns: stress, anxiety, depression, loss and grief, anger, apathy/indifference, fatigue, confusion, need for control, lack of self-understanding, poor self-image/low self-esteem, childhood trauma, sexual assault & substances issues.

Clients can expect compassion and non-judgement however, real change in a person’s life requires work.


As someone who believes we all have our own specific path and purpose in this life, one that is designed only for us my counselling approach is truly individualistic.

Talia Brasier

For the last couple of months I have had Hahnemann healings with Tobey , not realising how much I benefited from them.

For years I have suppressed my feelings of grief from my past and manifested my self belief at times. Not only has it given my clarity around my life but has given me the coping abilities with my grief. Looking forward to my next session.

Sarahjane Curtis

Tobey has been helping me work through different aspects in my life. Removing blockages and helping me with clarity. The sessions are held in a safe and calming environment which when finished leaves you with a new sense of balance.

Each session is different and brings up different emotions. Tobey has certainly helped me over the last few months. I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t tried this form of therapy.

It is so worth it.